St. Pierre - American Professional Horseshoes Set

St. Pierre - American Professional Horseshoes Set

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Proudly Made in the USA. The American Professional is designed by a World Champion horseshoe pitcher. Ideal for leagues, clubs, and serious players.

• Forged out of solid steel for superior balance and control
• Special non-slip finish to prevent chipping, abrasion, corrosion and weathering
• Tapered leading edge that allows the shoe to slide onto the stake
• Longer tips to grab the stake for more ringers
• Finger positioner to help hold the shoe like the Pros


2 blue and 2 gray American horseshoes
2 - 24” silver stakes
Rulebook with court layout
Comes in a unique, easy to carry, black plastic tote
Product Dimensions: 26 ¾” x 7 ¾” x 2 3/16”
Weight:18 lbs