BX50 Smoker - Black

BX50 Smoker - Black

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Box smokers have been doing well at competitions and backyarders love them because they’re compact, easy to use, and efficient to run. Combined with Meadow Creek’s 30+ year tradition of outstanding quality and service, the BX50 Cabinet Smoker is setting the woods on fire. This smoker runs at 250 degrees F for at least 8 hours on 20 pounds of charcoal. There are two thermometers for monitoring the inside of the cooking chamber. The difference between the top and bottom is less than 5 degrees. Whether you cook in the backyard, competitions, or in a commercial catering setting, the Meadow Creek BX50 is the next cool smoker to have.

• 13 gauge double walls with 1” insulation
• 20 pounds of charcoal will fire this thing for 8 hours at 250 degrees
! • Only 5 degrees difference between the top and bottom of the cooking chamber. • 4 stainless steel cooking grates 18.5” x 22.5” spaced 6” apart give you 11.56 sq. ft. of cooking space.
• Painted with 1,200 degree F heat resistant paint. Standard color is black, but you can upgrade to fire engine red.
• Positive lock latches keep your doors secure.
• The built-in Guru adapter makes it easy to mount your temp controller if you want to.
• Ash pan and fire basket slide out for adding fuel and cleaning the smoker after use. There is a grate in the bottom of the fire box to let the ashes drop into the ash pan, so the fire burns more efficiently.
• Slide out grease pan under the cooking grates catches your grease for easy clean-up.
• It rolls on 2 flat-free tires and 2 locking casters. No more flat tires
. • Built in water pan helps keep your meat moist. 5-gallon water jug included
. • Stainless steel handles add a sharp finishing touch.
• 2 thermometers on the smoking chamber door makes it easy to keep a tab on the temperature.


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