Witt - Galvanized Cans and Lids

Witt - Galvanized Cans and Lids

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Galvanized Cans and Lids

Witt’s cans are made of prime, heavy gauge steel and treated with zinc prior to manufacturing. Galvanized steel material is very tough and will withstand the harshest environments. These cans feature deep body corrugations for superior strength and durability.

Heavy Duty

One of the most durable cans on the market. It stands up to the most severe weather conditions in most environments.

Features include:
• Reinforced heavy gauge steel construction
• Our cans are OSHA compliant when combined with a galvanized dome top
• Meets most government specifications
• Constructed of 23 gauge galvanized steel

Commercial Duty

Our commercial duty line offers value and function for your investment.

Features include:
• Made with same strict quality standards as heavy duty and medium duty cans
• Perfect for light-duty commercial use
• Constructed of 27 gauge galvanized steel

WICD20CL 20 gal Light Duty can/lid

WICD24CL 24 gal Light Duty can/lid

WICD32CL 32 gal Light Duty can/lid

WIHD24CL 24 gal Heavy Duty can/lid

WIHD32CL 32 gal Heavy Duty can/lid